Our caring and knowledgeable family advisors are able to explain and discuss the variety of products and services that we offer.  Our goal is to help you determine the best funeral options for you and your family with respect and compassion.

Below are brief descriptions of our available interment and entombment options. 
Entombment is the placement of a casket or cremation urn into a crypt, or tomb, within a mausoleum.  It is sometimes referred to as above-ground burial.  When you purchase entombment rights, you are purchasing the right to designate who may be entombed in that crypt.

We offer single crypts, side-by-side companion crypts, and true companion crypts (two caskets are placed end to end within the crypt).  Name and year of birth and year of death are installed on the marble crypthead.  An emblem and/or cameo picture may be purchased and installed for further personalization. 

Our mausoleums are heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer.

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Inurnment is the placement of cremated remains into a container, or urn.  We offer a wide selection of urns, and all-inclusive inurnment packages.

Inurnment is also the placement of the urn into a mausoeum niche.  We have a beautiful variety of niches available throughout our mausoleums, including gass front, marble front, mosaic, and stained glass.  Many can be used as companion niches, depending on the sizes of the urns.

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Lawn Crypt​ Interment
A Lawn Crypt is a traditional single grave space with a double depth outer burial container previously installed with provisions for drainage throughout the Lawn Crypt section.​​​​​​
Interment ​
For those who may prefer in-ground interment.  In-ground interment is what many people think of when they picture a cemetery.  This is full-body interment where the casket is placed inside a concrete or steel outer burial container, or vault.  
Cremation Interment
For those who may prefer in-ground cremation burial.  In-ground cremation burial is a resting place for the cremated remains inside an urn or urn vault.
Memorials serve two purposes.  They help in locating the designated grave and also provide a personal tribute to the person's life.  ​​​​​​We will work with you to design the style of memorial you desire.