PRE-PLANNING ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

                     THE BENEFITS OF PRE-PLANNING​​​​​​

                                                            -Allows your wishes to be fulfilled
                                       -Alleviates the burden that would be placed on loved ones
                                                               -Saves money on burial costs
                                                                  -Avoids large cash outlays
                                                                    -Payment Plan available
Pre-planning your burial arrangements can be a satisfying and rewarding experience that lifts a burden from you and your family members.  Through pre-planning, you help ensure that your physical remains are managed as you desire, while your soul makes its journey to be with our Lord for eternity.  Instead of the stressful and emotional task of arranging your burial at the time of your death, family members have an opportunity to celebrate your Earthly life and everlasting life to come.​​

In addition to the benefits you and your family members will feel, there are  financial savings through pre-planning, as well.  Your costs are locked in at the rate you pay when investing in this service, no matter what rates may be at the time of your burial—10, 20, or even many more years in the future.

Pre-planning is a wise investment with far-reaching benefits, and with our reasonable, competitive rates we encourage you to consider this service at the Brooklyn Heights Cemetery.

       Peace for You

       Peace for Your