Why you should consider a Mausoleum ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Mausoleum entombment or inurnment is more ecologically friendly than in-ground burial.        
  • The cost of mausoleum entombment is comparable to full body in-ground burial.          
  • The marble front of the mausoleum crypt may be personalized by the installation of emblems and/or picture cameos, in addition to the name, year of birth, and year of death.   
  • The cost of mausoleum niche inurnment can actually be less than the in-ground burial of cremated remains.                
  • Mausoleum niches are available in a variety of styles.  The glass-front niches can accomodate your personalized choice from a vast selection of approved urns.                       
  • Our mausoleums are heated during the winter months and air-conditioned during the summer months, enabling more comfortable visitation of your loved ones.       
  • Our mausoleums are included in our Perpetual Care Trust Fund.  This means that there will always be funds to preserve and maintain the buildings even after the cemetery and mausoleums are filled.       ​​